FRAMED WORK--All framed art work is shipped with the  AIR FLOAT SYSTEMS
   Air float is dedicated to offering the art world a solution for transporting art securely and safely.
     Used by museums, auction houses and artists around the world.

MATTED WORK AND PRINTS--Matted work and prints are shipped in PRINTPADS
   A flat secure system for unframed art work.

PAINTINGS WITH GLASS--Glass on the painting you want to buy-no problem
      Glass is secured with   GLASS SKIN
      ABOUT GLASS SKIN-Glass Skin is a low tack adhesive which leaves no residue on the glass once it is removed. It is very rare for glass to break once                                         packaged correctly in a AIR FLOAT SYSTEM STRONGBOX. However, if anything should happen to the glass the GLASS SKIN                                                          will keep the glass away from the artwork to preserve the actual artwork underneath.